Session Manager + Tabs Bar + Bookmark Bar + Bookmark Managing


Hi again, I decided to add many issues in this thread at once (I guess it’s better than to create separate ones since I want to post all these issues atm).

  1. Session Saving: The following SS will help me explain:

Ie, more personalization, since atm, no saving/restoring last session. PERSONALLY, I like these first 2 options:

1.1. When I close my browser, my last session is saved, so when I re-open the browser, it asks me if I want to restore my last session. If YES, then it loads it, if NO, then it loads my default browser opening choice (ie, home page, new tab, etc). In other words, it asks me to restore whenever I open the browser.

1.2. When I close my browser, it asks me if I want to save it. If YES, it loads when I re-open the browser. If NO, then default choice. In other words, it asks me to restore whenever I close the browser.

*1.3. There’s a third option in a combination of the previous ones, in which it asks you when closing AND when opening.

In the SS, I have selected the 1.2. since it’s my favorite, BUT with the exception that when the browser closes unexpectedly, it saves my last session yes-or-yes, like a backup (which is my default atm in FF browser).

*If want to take a better look, check ‘Tab Mix Plus’ addon.

  1. Tabs Bar: Again, the following SS will help me explain:

Implementation of multi-rows for tab bars. As you can see, I set it to 3, and in picture I added tabs, as example, until reaching 2. Each tab bar is in different row.

*If want to take a better look, check ‘Tab Mix Plus’ addon.

  1. Bookmark Bar: Atm, my bookmark toolbar is only visible until 60% approximately of the wide of the screen. The rest is ‘stacked’ in rows when I click the extreme right arrow. I propose to make it 100% visible before using the arrow (FF browser has it this way). In other words, there’s a waste of space that can be better used.

*Btw, sorry if I compare to Firefox browser, but since I’ve always used it (fuck Chrome!), it’s my point of comparison.

  1. Bookmark Managing: So far, bookmarks managing has been a kind of PITA (pain in the…) to me, since whenever I move (and want to re-accommodate) my folders/icons from my bookmark toolbar, is not quite clear where I’m putting them, so I almost always end up putting them in some unwanted folder only to take them out afterwards to try to re-accommodate them again. So, after the first times it happened, I opened my bookmarks manager hoping it was easier, but it’s the same story: re-accommodation is lame, plus it doesn’t allow me to shrink and expand my folders like in FF (it’s always expanded by default).

So my proposal is to improve in that field, so you can better manage.

That would be for now (besides my last petition, obviously, NoScript approach).

Thank you very much again :slight_smile: