Service Worker persists failed connections

Hello brave community

I develope a pwa app with a service worker, which is hosted in a virtual local server and accessible through a local domain. When I shutdown the server and try to browse to that domain, then I will get a connection error, like expected. But when I restart the server, I still get the connection error on brave - even after clearing the cache, flushing dns cache and restarting the computer.

All other browsers try to reconnect, but brave caches websites without connection and do not even try to reconnect, when they have a service worker.

I have to manually delete the Folder “C:\Users\:username:\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Service Worker” to make it work again.

To reproduce, just access to a local domain on a local server and then make the server unavailable, try to browse to the domain again, receive the errror, restart the server and you won’t be able to browse to the website anymore.


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