Server not responding

i was thinking it will be fixed in 5th of march but no. i just claimed my reward but that server not responding issue is not going away. a lot of people face this issue and i can’t understand how brave staffs are careless about this. this is my second topic about this issue and please notice this.

here is my first topic: Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible. Bug is not going away

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Hi @kc4knc - it looks like you still need to verify your wallet with Uphold (see top left hand corner.) in order to claim your earnings in your Uphold wallet.

hello @steeven, i have the exact same issue with a verified uphold wallet for almost a month. uphold wallet shows zero bat from brave rewards and creator rewards

they suspended my uphold account for some reason i don’t know even why. after that i get that error message. even so i know some people has same issue with a verified account. please remove that uphold verification system.

there you go someone has same issue with verified account. please change the verification system.