Server error accessing creator program

I joined the brave creators program last week. Everything seemed to be working fine. I try to access the creators site this week (for the last two days) and I get a server error every single time. I have updated the brave browser. I have also tried chrome, firefox and mobile versions.

I get the email sent with the login link. I get the two factor authentication box. then, it immediately goes to a server error which I am going to try to share a screenshot of here.

Your Operating System and version (Mac 10.11.x, Windows 7/8/10, Linux distribution, iOS 9/10, Android)

Have tried multiple. I am running windows 10 on desktop but doesn’t work on mobile either.

Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.

Followed the login directions. Just gives me a giant white screen with an error message.

This is the message I get (can’t seem to figure out a way to include image.

Error 500: Internal Server Error :thinking:

Oops, sorry about that. You can try to refresh the page or return to

(and the link they give also gives the same server error)


same issue here. could be an issue with brave

Hi @adhoffmaster, is this still an issue for you? Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the delay in reply. We’ll get this figured out.

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seems to be working today. Thanks for the followup!

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