Serious question -- why Brave search when there's DuckDuckGo already built in?

I got the invite and got connected properly, I think. But it occurred to me that this seems rather redundant in many ways, so I guess I’m asking what Brave’s motivation is? I’m not being accusatory here because I like what I’m seeing, but perhaps I’ve missed the point on this?

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DuckDuckGo is based on Bing and as it does do a good job at anonymity and privacy protection we want to take our user’s privacy seriously without needing a third party to do so; thus we have Brave Search as an attempt at achieving just that !

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Thank you, That makes perfect sense! I didn’t realize DDG was associated with Bing. At least Google is effective, unlike Bing – even though both gather and disseminate everything you feed them.

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I don’t know who is right.
“DuckDuckGo’s results are a compilation of “over 400” sources, including [Yahoo! Search BOSS]), [Wolfram Alpha][Bing][Yandex], its own [web crawler] (the DuckDuckBot) and others …”

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Good question. Your citation has factual underpinning; the claim that DDG is “…based on Bing”: not so much.