Serious Bug Allows Unlimited BAT To Be Granted

After downloading the Beta build and importing my data from Brave, I went to activate Brave Rewards. After activating Brave Rewards, but before i restored my wallet from seed, the banner to claim a new reward was visible. After restoring my Brave wallet with my seed the claim rewards banner was still there. So I clicked it. The triangle captcha appears telling me to drop the triangle on whatever color and when i do it gives me an error telling me to try again.

This is the bug. There is no error.

My grant balance is going up but the captcha isn’t going away. This allows me to repeatedly drag and drop the triangle, giving me unlimited Brave Rewards.

Here’s a GIF of the problem

It may be hard to see, but at the start of the GIF my balance is 900 BAT, at the end it’s at 950.