Serious Accessibility Problems



My name is Jonas, and I’m a blind person.
Before all, sorry for my stupid english.

I decided to test Brave browser and encountered a surprising engine compatibility, boot, the interface have serious accessibility problems.

First, the activity buttons such back, next and other commands are placed in the same place of the HTML content.
This is a serious problem because screen reader can’t differentiate between the page content and the browser buttons.

Secondary, the browser is not compatible with W3C specifications such Wairia and other improvements.
This cause an bad experience to browse in sites, and interact with forms, combo boxes, etc.
For example, i tried to post this topic using brave but i just can it using Firefox because
brave not allowed me to just create my account, any process I make in Firefox in about 50 seconds.

I’m using Windows 10 X 64, and latest version of brave. I cant inform the specific version because the menus of brave are not accessible at all.

So, is this at the moment.

Thanks for offering a browser with adds filtering.
I expect who brave goes more accessible in the future.



Thanks for the report Jonas!

Are you using JAWS or a similar program to navigate the view?


Hello Jonas,

I am assuming here that you made sure the install went ok and completed?

1st thing I would do is turn your shield down and press the reload on the bottom right side.

As a last resort
Really need to check and make sure nothing else is running while you install if low ram windows is a hog. Store computers typically have only 4-8 Gigabits not enough for me. ;
I don’t know how much you know about system Jonas I have seen many years of this most time something went wrong with the install.


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