September received not received to my uphold

Till 8th October it showed rewards are processing and after that on thier way then arrived but no bat i have received.
I have been using brave at my workplace from long time now. And i have linked my work people’s pc’s with uphold. I was received payout properly till last month.
Please help me anyone with this. Iam new on brave community. :disappointed:

You know that work PCs belong to your company. You cannot link company’s assets to your own private things, or benefit financially from them. You are taking a big risk of ending up in a court.

I dont work in a company.

I and my people means small business and not company like.

when you say you linked your “work people’s” with uphold do you mean that you linked them to your uphold? that would be a violation of braves terms of service.

No. They know i have linked my uphold with their pc. We all agreed to link to my uphold. Its not any violation. They are not into crypto that much. They just use brave browser for work purposes. So they agreed to link my uphold as it will help someone. Thank you

Will anybody please help me

@steeven i saw that you help people on this community. Can you please help?

that is a violation of braves terms of service, you may only link your own devices to your uphold account. that your co-workers gave you permission is irrelevant.