September Brave Reward

I haven’t received September ads reward yet ?

Wait until next week.
The rewards team is having issues with payments. If you dont receive by next week then raise a ticket here.

same here… it was sayin reward were arrived, but never had the captcha to receive them.
the bat was removed from the balance, but wasnt received

I just want to take time and want to create a healthy discussion on this topic. I have recently noticed that brave rewards are stopped for certain countries. The browser is working fine and also are uphold and Gemini wallets in respective countries. No reason for the same is given. The entire purpose of brave browser was transparency, power to the users which is somewhat missing in this saga. I really feel brave is just another Google who is using its power to exploit less developed countries by treating them as their product. Brave has the function of brave wallet but It’s own token can’t be withdrawn from it, instead we had to use uphold and gemini which creates monopoly just like google. I am quite disappointed with this behavior and an going back to use google. My logic is that google is at least not pretending or doing fake promises like brave.
I hoped you liked my view.

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