Separating Tab to new browser freezes Brave



About 3 updates ago (I have not counted) when I grab a tab and drag it to another screen and drop it to create another browser instance, Brave freezes (Not Responding) for 30 seconds to almost 2 minutes.

I am including a Task Manager shot from Windows 10. When this was happening, Brave was showing as Not Responding in the to bar. At this point in time I had a browser instance on my left screen with 2 Tabs. On the right screen I had a browser instance with 2 tabs also. I grabbed one tab from the right and drug it to the left screen and dropped it to create a new browser instance with 1 tab.

This has happened even when I only had 1 browser instance and drug a tab away from it.


Me, too. I have seen this off and on pretty much since I started using Brave (summer of 2017?). It comes and goes, but seems to be a problem in most versions. I’m also on Windows 10.

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