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Today I have been going through my Brave Payments, and I noticed that some websites ( are split by subdomains, while others are not.
Could you add to the list of websites that get split by subdomain?


hi. thanks for the note. i am starting the process of adding that rules change into the brave ledger. when it is in place, i will let you know.

also, i suggest you go to and create an issue asking them to make a TLD. thank you!





Request sent, and I have referenced this thread there, so, I’m going to do the same here:
Link to issue


brief update: until the tldjs gets updated, you may want to do this.

  1. quit the browser.

  2. find the file ledger-state.json in the “browser area” (where it keeps its files) and you will some lines like this:

    “condition”: true,
    “consequent”: “SLD”,
    “description”: “the default rule”

immediately above those lines, put this:

  "condition": "SLD === ''",
  "consequent": "QLD + '.' + SLD",
  "description": "keybase users"
  1. make very sure you do this exactly, because if you make an error, the browser will not behave properly.

this is a work-around, but you may find it helpful.


I was talking more about the publisher registration system, but yeah, for client-side, that would work.

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