Sent BitCoin from CoinBase, hasn't shown up in Brave Wallet


I sent around $15 worth of BitCoin to initially fund my Brave Wallet. The transaction looks confirmed both from CoinBase and elsewhere (screenshot attached). It has been several hours since and I still see a 0 balance for my Brave Wallet.

I am using Brave 0.17.16 on OSX 10.11.6.

Thanks for your help.


cc @mrose for comment.


Probably worth mentioning that my Brave Wallet at that address is still empty.


sorry for the delay in replying. i’ve looked at the servers and they agree with as to the balance (0.007263BTC). can you send a screen shot of what the preferences screen shows?



Heh, and apologies for my continued delay. I didn’t realize that each browser install on each device would have a different payments persona for now—I haven’t been able to get to my main device where I have set up the Brave Wallet. I will get to it later tonight and send a screenshot. Any additional data included in the screenshot to help? Just a “0 USD” balance seems less helpful.


if you have the recovery file for the main browser, you can use it to initialize the wallet on your new browser. we are intending to add wallet functionality to brave sync later this year, which will allow you to have multiple devices sync’d to the same wallet.

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