Sent BAT to unverified user

So, couple of months ago I’ve sent some BAT to my friend as a tip, just to check this feature. His address wasn’t verified so, as Brave support says, my BAT should have been returned back to my wallet in 3 months or so. Waiting now more than 3 months, no BAT is back.

@Alex50pence lol, at least you have a bit of a “unique” situation there. Most likely you’ll need to write to @Mattches and/or @steeven to explain the situation. When you do, make sure you include your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so they can look into it. The tag here hopefully will draw their attention. The DM (messages) will hopefully provide the information they need to look into it. (Don’t post it here, do it in message)

Just want to remind you, they are the two primary employees working the forum here and they get hundreds, if not thousands, of messages and tags each day. So expect it to possibly be a couple weeks to hear from them. If in like 10-14 days after you DM them you haven’t heard back, try to tag here and send a reply in your existing message.

Thanks! Can i have their Telegram addresses to dm directly?

@Alex50pence Where I linked their names, you just click on it and then select Message. Or if you click on your profile icon on the top right of this page, you’ll see a mail icon you can click on. If you click it twice, it will open your inbox. Then can hit New Message from there and type in their names.

The emails look exactly like Topics here, but it’s closed off and only people who are part of the Message are able to see any tags or information shared.

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