Sent BAT to BravePublishers - Auto contribute not enabled

Hello Brave team,

Thanks for a great browser. I noticed the other day that for months, my BAT balance has been removed and contributed to BravePublishers. I wouldn’t of minded if I had known, however I do not have auto contribution turned on.

I have tried emailing both of these emails:

I got those after reading through the following post:

I have screenshot here of my settings:

And I tried to get logs from brave://rewards-internals, but there are none to see. Download button does nothing.

If it helps support, I’ve had brave through several versions, but I am currently on:

  • Version 1.19.90 Chromium: 88.0.4324.146 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I use brave on several computers, but mainly a ubuntu machine. Sometimes on several profiles too. But I haven’t enabled auto-contribute on any of them. Is auto contribute automatically enabled when you enable rewards?

Please could someone point me were I could get help with the issue? I’d prefer to share any additional logs or transactions history in private.

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Thanks for reporting. I’d like to ask a few questions to start:

  • Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold? If so, how many?
  • Can you share a screenshot of your Contributions and Event Log tabs which can be found here brave://rewards-internals/

Thank you in advance!

Just signed up to say that this also happened to me:


It really doesn’t matter much to me losing those BAT’s, as I don’t have many BAT nor do I use brave just because of it. But it weird it did that ( and i never activated auto rewards ).

Hi Steeven, I tried to answer on the suspensions topic, but it was already closed. I have already sent you DM with my email. I have 5 operating systems with Brave installed. In those OS I had automatic contribution and my BATs went to my account linked with brave rewards. Is it possible that I was suspended for that?

I also have the same problem this month.

Contributions were sent automatically without having them activated.

Although my account is verified I do not receive the bat in Uphold, I think because I already verified several accounts.

I do not remember how many accounts I have verified but I think there are several, since I update my laptop for development.

I hope and you can help me.

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

Hi Steven,

Thanks for getting back so quickly to me on this thread. I have the below screenshots from my main device:


Event Log

I have:

  • 1 computer with two brave profiles both with reqards enabled
  • 1 mobile with rewards enables
  • 1 other computer with potentially 2 profiles enabled, I cant remember and I can’t get to it currently to confiirm.

Is auto contributions a default setting?
Does have it enabled on 1 device trigger all your contributions to go out?


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