Sent $34 USD in BAT and is not registering!


I was not logged in, forgetting completely about the process, but sent $34.00 in BAT to the site. It is not registering. Did I do something wrong? This is a one-off as well. How might I get my donation to appear and get utilized?


Could you describe your situation in a few steps since I am having a little hard time understanding what happened! Also, are you a user or a publisher? That’ll definitely help the community here piece together your situation.

Perhaps you sent $34.00 worth of BAT to your Uphold account or to your Brave Payments wallet? If you sent the BAT to a deposit address (an Ethereum address), then you don’t need to be logged in or anything. If the deposit has not shown up yet, you may just have to wait a little bit until your balances update.

In any case, hope to hear more info about your situation so we can help diagnose :slight_smile:


Hi @Gunther

As @chriscat said, you may have a delay in your balance displaying. Please do let us know if it hasn’t appeared yet and we’ll request additional information so we can investigate.