Sending coins without authorization.

Good afternoon, I am having a problem with my account, every time I receive my BAT tokens they are donated without my permission to someone, I did not authorize this to be done and it is done automatically. I would like to get my BAT back as I did not authorize such a transaction on my account. I await your help.
I sent a message to Uphold and they told me to contact you, it’s amazing how they keep pushing the client to other people when they send our cryptocurrencies automatically without even asking for a confirmation password or a 2FA. I have 4 devices logged into brave receiving coins and this is the second time my coins are donated automatically without my authorization.

Most likely it is with your permission, but you just haven’t paid any attention. When you first enable Rewards, it has Auto-Contribute enabled by default.


If you don’t want to auto contribute, which is default setting, then you need to disable it. But it is a default setting and it’s explained when you enable Rewards that it is meant to help support Creators.

All contributions were offline, I got tired of sending messages to Uphold and closed my account there because of that. Everything that came into my account was automatically donated without my permission. I'm going to take to social media and YouTube to advertise warning all users to avoid using this broker so as not to lose their money.

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