Sending BAT to brave wallet doesn't update balance


Using the Brave browser I traded some ETH for BAT at I then:

  1. clicked Shields -> Brave Payments
  2. clicked Add funds
  3. copied the address: 0xdAd3c68126E515F46891a57bE377156CCb03F232
  4. sent 7 BAT tokens.
  5. verified the tokens on etherscan:

However, the balance in Brave Payments has not incremented. This issue has been reproduced by other members on our team.


Hi @dc9b646f8d374bc333ff

What’s your OS? I’d like to send instructions for you to grab some additional information to private message me for the team to use when researching.



Hi @dc9b646f8d374bc333ff

There was an issue on the Uphold side of things - so they are still processing some block events from that time frame. Additional information can be found in this post: Wallet never updated after sending coins

I’m going to close this thread for now, if you have additional questions please feel free to reply back on the thread I linked.


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