Sending a link from Brave to email

I can’t believe that I cannot figure out how to send a link to myself. I’m on a Mac desktop. Can anyone help me?


You are either

a) accessing your e-mail account by using something like an Internet browser, to connect to your e-mail account host via webmail; example:

  • /Applications/Brave


b) accessing your e-mail account by using an e-mail application such as Apple’s

  • /Applications/

Wherever you have found a URL address link, that you want to copy and send to YOU (as e-mail message recipient), you:

  • First, need to copy that URL address link, usually by right-clicking on that link . . . in order to cause a small pop-up menu to display, in which, you would choose to Copy.

  • Second, the Paste part, you need to figure out, researching online.

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