Send USDC on KCC back to Kucoin. Balance doesn't show, transaction doesn't get approved

I have an issue with Brave wallet

I have sent USDC on KCC to Brave wallet. It has arrived once i manually put in the visibility of “KCC-Peg USD Coin”. It shows me the correct USDC balance but the usual balance in $ = 0. I’m trying to send it back to Kucoin but it’s not accepting my transaction saying “not enough balance for fees”. It doesn’t matter how high I put the fees it always doesn’t get through and the same error message pops up. How can I solve this issue. This KCC-USDC on KCC-Mainnet seems to just not have any value in Brave Wallet.

Please help me, my funds are stuck there!
Thank you a lot.

Brave Version
Version 1.46.153 Chromium: 108.0.5359.128 (Offizieller Build) (x86_64)

@Cimboz I read your post, I have the exact same issue. I cannot change my language in the desktop version. How did you fix the issue? Please help, thank you!

@Aman_M I see you also commented on a similar issue, would be gald if you could help me!

I have now also tried to use the mobile app. After adding KCC-mainnet and the Token it shows me the correct balance in $ there. Meanwhile in the desktop wallet it is still a wrong amount at the same time.

Yet I cannot withdraw the amount in the mobile app either. The problem seems to be the error message: “This address cannot be verified (missing checksum). Proceed?”

I cannot proceed since the send button is not working/doesn’t let me tap it.

@jakeaut Your withdrawal address 0x498… doesn’t seem to have any capitalised letters. Can you go to, paste yourwithdrawal address, hit enter, copy the address from there and then try to withdraw to that address? Also, you have some KCS to cover gas fee right?

Do post an update.

I have solved the issue. I downloaded Metamask wallet, restored it there and it was shown correctly there finally. I also didn‘t have enough KCS for fees.

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