"Send Tip" button in the page contents

Currently, users can donate by clicking on the small “Brave Rewards” button at the URL bar and then “Send Tip.”

The “Send Tip” works, but it doesn’t capture the users’ attention. I’m a content creator myself, but I rarely think about tipping others’ content - and that’s because the tipping button is very discreet, as it should be.

It would be great if content creators could add a “Donate” button on their page contents. Not to replace the current “Send Tip”, but to give more options.

To implement this, the button link could be something like “brave://tipping”. If the user is on Brave, it opens a donation popup in the screen center. A JS fallback pops up if not on Brave, with a “Please download Brave to tip” message.

I’m not sure my implementation suggestion could be used to detect Brave browsers, but I’m pretty sure the brilliant minds behind Brave can think of a solution. For example, instead of a JS fallback, if not on Brave, nothing happens and content creators show a “you need use Brave browser for this button to work” under the button.

Seconded! I am a musician, and it would be great to include this kind of link in the ‘landing page’ that I create for new releases - here’s an example using BandZoogle, but there are a number of services that do a similar thing:

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