"Send Metrics" option Isn't available any more on android?



So I’ve been using Brave [ On Android Only ] for now about two months. Initially, I saw an option in Settings > Privacy > Send Metrics [ User was able to option-in/option-out ] but after 7th Feb 2018 update, that option legitimately without any notification from devs or even in “What’s New” section of Playstore while the 7th Feb update was pushed :open_mouth: Tried seeking a responce from Brave Google Playstore support desk. many people had same question about sudden vanishing of “Send Metrics” option in privacy tab but all the support desk on playstore replied " Please [blablabla] on community.brave.com/help-me "

Awaiting For A Response.
Thank You :slight_smile:


Hi @BOB-vagene

Thanks for coming to community to ask! I checked with dev and this was removed intentionally.



And why is that so? I mean, is “Send Metrics” silently enabled by default & users have no longer the ability to control what data is been shared?


Hi @BOB-vagene

I apologize for not being clearer. We’re not sending metrics any more at this time, that’s why it was removed. If it makes an appearance again users will be able to see this in the release notes. Hope this clears this up for you :slight_smile:



Oh. Alright. Thank You :slight_smile:

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