Self update often fails

When trying to apply updates it often stops/fails. F5 on the settings>Update page usually recover after 2-3 attemps.

Are you using SecureDNS?

Yes, using current DNS provider in Brave Settings

What version of Brave are you on now?

What version of Windows?

What happens if you try running with Secure DNS disabled, does the problem go away?

Latest Brave. Windows 10 and 11

I’ll check. Is it better to have SecureDNS On or Off ?

Thanks – which version specifically? I ask because in some instances, silent failures to update could be occurring, and it may look like the latest version is running but really it isn’t.

Right now, 1.31.87 is latest.

Re: SecureDNS, there are some privacy benefits, but marginal IMHO.

Personally I would enable it if possible and if it doesn’t break things, so for the time being I am just considering it a troubleshooting step and you could always turn it back on later if you want. But if for some reason you can’t, it’s not the end of the world.

Good discussion of the topic here:

OK, i’ll turn SecureDNS off and will come back after next Brave update to confirm or not if it improves the situation

Seen this in Chrome (and Brave), just closing and reopening Brave may help also

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