Selectively delete cookies

One thing I really like in Opera (which is now my #2 browser after Brave Dev) is the ability to selectively delete cookies and other site data through a special dialog. You basically type a pattern from which all cookies are displayed. You can then either delete all shown, click on a site and delete, or click on individual cookies from a site and delete. I haven’t found a way to do this in Brave yet, unless it’s hidden somewhere in the Chrome UI? I’m attaching a screenshot of the dialog just to show what it looks like.

Hi @jek6094,

Yes, you should be able to do it on Brave Dev. I’m AFK, so IIRC, this option should be under:
Settings > Advanced > Privacy and security > Content settings > Cookies.

There you should be able to type the site name to search specific cookies.

Hope that can help


Even though it was well hidden, it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! :smiley:

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