Select which data to clear on exit

I know that the “clear all data on exit” is already in the Beta and Nightly versions, and it is a right step towards more privacy, but would it be possible to select which data we want to clear?

Clearing history is a must for me, but clearing cookies which means signing into websites and tweaking my settings every time is a bit of a problem.

The only reason why I use another android browser (the duck) as my primary is because it doesn’t save history but it can save cookies from sites that I select.

Plus this feature is already on the Brave windows app, and other chromium based browsers in android.

According to the provided designs of the feature, there is only a switch to enable/disable the feature, no way to select what browsing data you want to clear.

Well that… sucks to be honest. Hope we won’t have to wait another 4 years to have what seems to be a pretty basic feature.

@eljuno opened a Github issue, feel free to voice your opinion over there if you feel like it: