Seeing the same ads again and again and again



OK, so I’m seeing the same ad notification from Brave Rewards again and again and again and again in the notification area on macOS.

How about implementing some rate limit so people only see the same advertisement once per hour, twice per day, and four times per week.

I understand your ad inventory isn’t huge yet, but the system is clearly lacking rate-limiting to prevent the same ad from being shown over and over again.

Version: 0.60.16


Thanks for reporting. We are working on adjustments to frequency capping to limit this reoccurring behavior.

Can you please let me know which ad notification you are observing repeatedly?

Thanks in advance.


@luke.mulks The ad description isn’t quite clear on the notification. Its the same ad title that shows up with different description so that makes it look like you are receiving the same ads again and again. Something to consider with the ad notification that shows up


Here are the ads I got in two hours:

Uphold - Brave Partner
Buy and Sell Major Cryptos

Coinvest Vault
The Coinvest Vault Fonders Edition is ready to pre-order.

Buy and Sell Etereum tokens without any trading fees.

Guard My Gutter
Permanent Solution to Clogged Gutters. Get a Free Estimate!

2 servers or 2000. Tail and search logs in real time. Archive and analyze years of logs.

Vimeo Stock
Come Explore Our Curated Collection.

Buy and sell ERC20 tokens wallet-to-wallet

Trace issues down to root cause, identify correlations, view source code, share with your team - all with SolarWinds Loggly.

Experience conversational trading on AirSwap today

Trace issues down to root cause, identify correlations, view source code, share with your team - all with SolarWindws Loggly.


This is extremely helpful, @2da!

Many thanks for taking the time to put together this list of ads.

I’ll be opening an issue for the team that will integrate your feedback, and it will be used to help us tighten up the frequency capping per user, and provide a better experience.

For any onlookers: This thread is exactly why we have public previews, and @2da has presented a stellar example of providing actionable feedback for the team.

Thanks again.


I’m sure I’ve seen LOGGY and AirSwap at least once an hour throughout the day for the last few days … .

Can I review all the ads somehow? It’s supposed to be downloaded to my local client, right? I just want to have a look and see if any of the other ads are more relevant than what I’m seeing. Curios about how well it selecting ads from the available inventory.

I’m assuming I’m seeing papertrail and SolarWinds ads because I visit GitHub, but not sure what the others are matching against. I don’t have any gutters that needs guarding (I must have seen that ad at least a dozen times), nor any crypto-currencies.

I’d be more happy with the frequency capping if it was something like: the same brand once per 150 minutes, and the same exact ad once per 30 hours. At least as long as the ads are shown as system notifications.


Thanks for bring this up. The catalog being used to determine notifications has a number of “issues” with respect to entries that appear to be duplicates. For example, the three airswap notifications above have similar wording, and the two loggly notifications have identical wording. all five of these have separate entries in the catalog. we need to get that fixed…


I receive a very similar volume of ads with the same content that @2da gets.


I can also confirm that I’m seeing the same ads as in my above list again and again day after day. I’ve not kept a record of all of them (is there a debug flag that logs them automatically?) but I recognize them. They may not be 100% duplicates but to any human they’re the same.