Seeing Passwords in Mobile App

Using Brave 1.36.112 on Android 9 on a Samsung S8+

Description of the issue:

When going to settings and checking passwords the passwords are a row of ******, as default. When I press the ‘eye’ to see the password. nothing happens. When I press the copy symbol, nothing happens

Steps to Reproduce

As above, everytime I try to see or copy passwords

Actual Result:
Nothing Happens

Expected Result:
I should be able to see or copy the password

Reproduces how often:
Every time.

Works on my end using Samsung Galaxy s9+ — tapping the eye should launch a prompt to enter your device password before viewing the stored passwords in plaintext. You’re not seeing this? Further, if you tap the “copy” icon next to the eye, are you prompted to enter your device password then?

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Thanks for that except, I do not have a ‘device password’ set up. Possibly that is the issue, Brave is waiting for something to happen before it shows the password, and when the thing doesn’t happen the password reveal is locked. In that case it is a bug in the mobile app.

It is not a bug — I believe this is the intended behavior of the Chromium engine. It is actually doing you a favor — this way, someone who steals your device cannot steal any passwords stored in your browser.

If this is intended behaviour to force me to use a device password then it is not doing me any sort of favour. I am not a child I do not use or want a ‘device password’ and no app should force that on me. This is the same behaviour as when using Brave in Windows, password required. But not in Linux. So, if that is the case, it is a bug as it is relying on something which may not exist. Brave is presuming it does and demands compliance if not.

No more replies to this. How do I set this up as a bug as if I am required to enter a password to access the passwords and the password I have to enter does not exist then the browser in Android is broken. May I suggest Brave include the ability to set a ‘Brave’ password for these instances.

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