Seeing and disconnecting currently verified devices connected to the Uphold wallet

Hello there! Hope you’re all doing great!

I wanted to know how can I see which browsers/devices are connected to my Uphold wallet. Because I wanted to verify my Brave Nightly browser but when I tried to do it, I’ve got the report that 4 device slots limit for the verified wallet has been reached, but I really don’t understand how, since I’ve only got 2 devices actually linked to the account (1 Android device and the desktop browser). Is there a way that I can view and disconnect from the already verified devices, so I can manage to get a free slot?

*I think it might be that I’ve verified it on other Brave standard browser versions, since I keep getting error on the lasts browser updates (error code 3: [0x80040154]).
I look forward to your response!

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