Seeing ads, not getting rewards

Can anyone help? Would be helpful if there was customer support here. I click on the ads and spend time reading them etc…am not getting rewards though…
Any advice appreciated :blush:

Hi @Heidi, welcome to Community!

How long have you been using Brave?

If you’ve started using Brave this month, just so you know:
You’ll be paid out for Ads on the 5th of every month. So if you started using Brave in February, you’ll be paid out in March.
Clicking/reading ads will not reward users. Users are rewarded for viewing ad notifications as they appear in Brave.

For more info, please see our help centre:

Hi Aaron,
Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been using a brave for a couple of months and now I think I understand what happened. I clicked ‘claim’ at the beginning of February and thought it would pop up again. I didn’t realise it is added monthly. I also thought something was wrong as the attention percentage was showing ‘0’ even though I had viewed a lot of ads. So I do t need to click on the ad it’s just that I see it when it pops up? Still unsure why it would say ‘0’ though. Can you shed any light on how that works?
Many thanks :blush:

Can you show me a screen show of the percentages you’re talking about?

There is: Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible. sign on my rewards page. I still get ad notifications but don’t receive rewards. What happened to my account help please

Click the ‘x’ at the top-right of the error message to close the error message out and reveal the entire panel. Additionally, can you please provide the information @Aa-ron had requested:

I guess he talks about received ad count. in my case it is 90 as you see image

there is no “x” sign there


are you using a theme with Brave?

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i have it dark theme enabled

Hi Aaron, I hope you can see the screen shots from the links below. I see different percentages of attention which don’t seem to correlate to anything. Also the auto contribute button seems to turn itself in and I list half the BAT that was in my account today! Can you advise me on how this works also?
Many thanks, Heidi

*…auto-contribute turns itself on and off and I lost half my BAT today…that should have said :woman_facepalming:

Do you have any of your data set to be cleared on exit in the browser? Also, can you tap Settings and show me where the site is listed in the auto-contribute table?


At this time, the built-in Brave dark theme does not apply to additional internal pages, like Rewards or Sync. Before we address the ads issue, can you tell me how you themed these internal pages like that?

chrome://flags then i enabled dark theme and i turned off auto contribute

i messaged you can you check pm please

i receive ad notifications but it says server is still broken

Thank you, I believe I understand the issue.

First, can you send me (via DM) the information displayed on your brave://rewards-internals page?

Second, can you try disabling the extensions you have running temporarily and restarting the browser to see if this changes anything? One of them may be getting in-between pings from the server to your browser.

messaged. i don’t think it’s about extensions. i use these extensions for a long time and issue just started.

It’s very much still worth trying.

removed all. going to reboot. btw have you seen my message?