Seeing ads but not getting BAT

Hi, have you verified that your region is currently supported with ad campaigns?
Can you see any specific ads here?

If you can answer yes to those questions, have a look at this troubleshoot chart:
(scoll down till you see this:)

Look through it to make sure you’re not doing any of the activities listed there.

I know you’re saying you see ads but aren’t earning BAT, but if you’re doing the first two and the last two activities on that chart, it could be the reason you aren’t earning BAT.

EDIT: If you think you could be flagged or suspended, you should contact Brave Support to find out.

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I haven’t seen any ads for 3 weeks because I was flagged for suspicious activity, while my surfing behavior was normal, check all possible causes.

Yo. :wink:


I’m still pulling for you, @Mysteryo :crossed_fingers:

@saereV how do you know if you’ve been flagged? I went through the troubleshooting chart and everything seems fine. I don’t edit any files or use a VPN.

My issue has been solved by Mattches the 5th of April. But in consequency, my payout has been delayed to next month.
And I don’t know if missed viewed ads between 13th of March and 5th of April will be considerated in the payout of May.

I’m french and I don’t understand the subtleties of the English language.

When you said : “I’m still pulling for you.”, you means that you hope my issue was fixed ?


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“I’m pulling for you”, @Mysteryo, means I’m supporting you and cheering you on, wishing you well…and that’s great you got your issue resolved :smiley:

I’m sorry, @dznts, I don’t know much about suspensions yet, but I think Brave would tell you, by email…? :confused:

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@saereV Cool, nice to know I have friends here. Hope you’re well too.

@dznts Brave support will not send you a mail to inform you have been flagged, contact them yourself, it’s the best advice I can give you. I waited too much me.

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Hey, so did you also see no Ads on the Opening page in this period?
I get ads on the starting page, but no rewards since 3 Weeks now.
I contacted the admins.


I saw sponsored ads in this period but freely. And no pop up ads.
It doesn’t mean that you have the same problem, you must verify all possible causes that @saereV has given to you.

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I really think most of the time, the core issues are simply 1) not understanding how the Brave ads and NTPs (sponsored images in new tabs) work, 2) and/ or not having optimal settings for notifications set on devices. Please don’t automatically think you are flagged or suspended because you have issues; just double- and triple-check the information. Edit: *And of course, don’t do those activities on that chart.

The FAQ and Troubleshoots I often link to, are a BIG help, even necessary to know - they helped me! :smiley:

I know they’re in English and some users have trouble understanding some of it. I don’t know if other language versions of them exist, but I think it would be great if there were French, Italian, Spanish, and Bengali versions. (I say these specifically because these are the languages of most of the users I’ve seen with Brave ads/ Rewards issues, so far.)

But really try to read them, or ask someone you know and trust to help you understand them. I believe it will solve most or all of these kinds of issues for you. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I think there is a slight misunderstanding from your side.

OP, and many other people (including me) here say that they can see the ads, but they are not getting paid.

I’ve been seeing ads for the past four days, yet I am not receiving a single BAT from viewing them, despite having like 10 active campaigns in my country.

It’s true, most of the topics covered here are in English, when you have the misfortune to post in French, you rarely get an answer. (I can attest to this, the only times people answer me is that I made the effort to translate.)
The FAQ should at least be translated into several languages because I do not see the fact that we create a community for each country, we would not get out of it. :smiley:

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True, we are seeing ads, there’s no problem with Not receiving ads, problem is that the rewards counter is not increasing for the ad notifications received.

Maybe there are some issues on server side which is not showing this currently for some users but if some one can confirm what might be the cause that’d be great :slight_smile:

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Interestingly, when I view the history of viewed ads for the past 7 days, it shows me the last time I saw an ad was on 7th of April.

However, I know that I’ve been seeing ads since then, from 8th to 11th of April.

Below you can see a proof of an ad that I just got.

that’s sponsored image, ads would be shown on bottom right(default unless changed notification settings)

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Odd, since the sponsored images was always the way how I received my BAT before, until 7th of April.

I never got anything in bottom right.

I don’t believe I’m misunderstanding, @Dandar, and I understand the frustration and confusion, too. I still believe the core cause is that some aren’t really reading the information out there - or language barriers are hindering understanding. :frowning:

Is a bug possible, or some problem with the campaigns? Absolutely. There are issues being worked on.

But Support nor Tech has said anything on this specific issue yet (that I’ve found), and a very small amount of users are reporting this trouble (when compared to the whole) - so deductive reasoning dictates I lean more toward users not reading and understanding the information on Brave ads/ rewards, NTPs, and notification settings, or are guilty of doing one or more of the activities listed on the chart (post #4).

If/ when some information comes out that this was actually a bug or some mixup with marketing, I will gladly and happily apologise to you all. I will also continue to share any information, solutions, possible causes, troubleshoots, FAQs as I find them :slight_smile:

ps Thank you, @Ridz. I think there is great misunderstanding about NTPs - the sponsored images you see every 3rd or 4th new tab/ F5 refresh, where you can earn some BAT. * You do not get a notification for these - they just appear on every 3rd/ 4th new tab that you open. Right now, all of us are experiencing seeing sponsored images that are not in our catalogues, from time to time. Brave has said they are working on ways to improve this experience for us. :crossed_fingers:

pps I try to make it a point to respond to other languages whenever I can, @Mysteryo, because I think…

… you can be right, sadly. I try my best, I hope for no, or very little miscommunication :crossed_fingers: My responses are in English (or Czech when needed), but I try to keep it simple and clean for the user, or a translator, to understand. :slight_smile:



Brave is basically English, so I can easily understand that the majority of users are English or understand English very well. In addition, Brave is still young, if I am not mistaken, does not have many years of existence, so it is normal that the French (in my case) can be counted on the fingers of the hand. The more Brave develops, the more users will come from all over the world, and therefore “languages will loosen”. The misunderstanding for me is on stages or technical terms, at worst, I will ask to repeat with other words.

I will never really be lost in short. :joy:

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I’ve also posted this in a couple of threads:
I’m having the same issue on my PC. Seeing ads and notifications, but my rewards total isn’t changing.
Last ad listed as received is on April 8 2021, no BAT rewards acquired since then.

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