See ads, zero BAT for over a year. Just not working anymore!

I normally wouldn’t reach out for help on things like this, but I’ve run out of options.

When I visit brave://rewards-internals/ there is a LOT of these logs every day:] Failed to get signed tokens

  • I’m using MacOS Monterey and Brave 1.38.111.
  • I’m not using a VPN

Any ideas on how to fix this? I’m sure I’m not alone.



@SimonJohnson I suggest you contact one of the Brave employees @Mattches or @steeven. They are recognizable by the Brave avatar. Click on one of the names to send the following info:

  1. Describe for him the issue, your platform, Brave version, use or not of VPN.
  2. Provide him with a screenshot of your wallet @ brave://rewards-internals/ . Do not make this info public.

Thank you. I’ve done that today. Will see what happens.

1y of waiting…took you a lot :slight_smile:
Most of the people here didn’t get rewards from March, this year.

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Have you already try and reset the wallet?

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I had asimilar issue a few months ago. Never been able to fix it…
I contacted the Brave employee mentionnned above and I was told that my wallet was suspended : nobody notified me about that and I could have waited more months without rewards if I had not contacted them, I have no idea why it was suspended they refuse to say why and they refuse to tell me what alternative option I have to earn BAT again…
I would not recommend to use Brave if you are looking for the rewards it really looks like a scam with users viewing ads and not being rewarded for whatever reason…

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Yes. I’ve also installed a new browser.

Oh wow! Well let’s see if the Brave staff reply to me. I hope they will. I was planning on doing a YouTube video on Brave for my crypto channel !

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Yeah it honestly wasn’t a priority. But the thing that’s irritating now, is that I’m seeing that many people are affected by this. So I want to see if Brave is going to step up, do the right thing and fix the problem.

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Try to create a new profile and check if it gets rewards.


I have the same issue. Several months already. And it was never fixed. Creating new profile changes nothing. I seems it is a simple IP ban.


Any idea why your/my account was shut down ? I mean its crazy that they do stuff like that without informing us nor saying what happened…

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May be VPN using, may be something else. I don’t know really.

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They didn’t say anything. Nobody has.

I found a video on this very problem. I created a new profile and it appears to work.

While I’ve lost over a years worth of BAT (given the fact I wasn’t paid for ads I watched), now I’m actually earning $ for ads, instead of watching ads and earning nothing.

I’ve only had it working for 15 mins and have seen one log entry:] Failed to get signed tokens

Brave rewards appear to work. I’ve seen a couple of ads and verified the wallet.

Shame I haven’t heard back from the Brave admins or anyone as to why this happened. It seems to be happening to a lot of people and that’s revenue that people are missing out on, which is very unfair.

I’ll leave this for about a week and see what happens! Will keep the thread updated.

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I tried to create several new profiles. Not helped at all. Because it’s a ban by IP address. And they are saying something like: this strange issue we’re trying to solve but it is very unusual so we still working on it. And several months already passed with no result.

That comes up a lot. That’s an error log and won’t show you everything that works properly. Never try to pay attention to it, that’s more for staff IF they need to see it. 99.9% of the time they don’t need to see the logs to fix see and fix problems.

They usually try but sadly can get thousands of notifications a day, both as messages and Topics/Posts. This is one of the reasons why they shifted away from asking people to message them and instead have people create Support Tickets as it lets all Support staff see issues and it guarantees things are worked on in the order it’s received.

Btw, how are things looking for you? Been still seeing ads and earning BAT?

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