Security risk/Chain error on Galxe. Can't login with Brave

I keep getting a security risk message when trying to log on Galxe and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m attaching a screenshot. I would appreciate some help with this, thank you.

Hello, thanks for reaching out! Please try adjusting the network within Brave Wallet or on the Galxe site itself. This should resolve the matter.

Nothing works, I’m immediately hit with that message on the screenshot and all I can do is close it.

What network is selected in your Brave Wallet? What network is selected in Galxe?

Please try selecting the same networks before connecting to Galxe. Thanks!

I’m not exactly sure where to switch the network on galxe itself, but from the main page galxe(dot)com I tried multiple networks switched in brave and everytime I get that message. If you mean by going to galxe(dot)com/polygon for example and login from there having selected polygon network in brave I get the same result - risk detected message.

Ok, I found where to switch it (it doesn’t show up on mobile which I’m using but it shows up in the desktop version). I switched to polygon on galxe and manually selected polygon in brave and it still doesn’t work. Same message.

Ok apparently it works with other chains. I was able to login on ethereum, didn’t work on polygon. I guess this is solved. Thank you.

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