Security requests


Hello. I am new here. I really like braves ideas a lot. It is very unique. But my reason for blocking ADs in first place, has to do with security, on a full scale. I do understand not any single browser is prefect. But I have to consider browsers as a whole, when it comes to getting the most security protection out of a browser. and when i refer to security, I am not just talking simply ads being blocked. I am also talking about malware, viruses, being blocked. When its comes just brave browser versus chrome alone and no extensions. Then in that case, the brave browser, by far wins over chrome, for the most security protection aspect. But when it comes to browser security extensions, as well, then chrome wins for me. For one, they have windows browser protection extension. They have some others. But also the JavaScript extension, i use on chrome, can block all java scripts, but it also allows me the option to white-list websites. I don’t want to just turn off java script on the entire website. I need whitelist options. There are drawbacks with just turning off javascript on the whole site off. Especially if it is video streaming site, which defeats the purpose of even using java script in the first place. Many times, its just the the 3rd party java scripts on the site, i just want to block.and those are the ones that can have malware embedded in the website. Anyways, down to the over all point, I am requesting for security extensions to be added to brave, including being able to optionally add websites to the javascript whitelist.