Security, password check

Hey. idk how but my Instagram hacked. Brave is my main browser on PC and I use Brave for checking my Instagram plus I have 2FA on my account but somehow someone had access to my 2FA phone code that sent to my phone. (I never logged in my Instagram on my phone) so, that person has access to both my Instagram password and 2FA code(PC + Phone). (I checked app access on my phone and that was ok) actually my only use for my phone is Whatsapp + call and SMS. can you give me any advise? what I can do? I checked his/her session and my only clue is his/her phone model.

PS: I checked my PC with ESET and IOBIT and my phone access that was fine.

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Thank you for reaching out – however, this particular issue is not Brave related. It is something you’ll need to discuss and resolve with Instagram.

@Mattches yeah it’s not probably Instagram’s issue, however I can’t think about any possibility so I’m looking for some help if anybody can do that, it’s really weird!

You can check sites like to see if accounts associated with your email have been part of a data breach. Beyond that, as I mentioned before, there’s not a lot we here can do for you. I suggest resetting your passwords and following up with Instagram support.