Security of password generator is weak (and could be easily cracked)

Hello, would you mind addressing this very worrisome issue. It was addressed in the past but then the issue was closed down. This feature is used by millions of people. They have the browser generate a password and have it saved in their sync chain. The password generator is weak to say the least. It could be understandable of Google (chromium) but you’d think Brave would take this matter very seriously, right?

Here was the issue:

Suggested password is not strong enough… how to change it

Thank you.

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Thank you for bringing this up (or bringing it up “again”).
I agree that the feature is not ideal — do note that this feature is inherited from Chromium, not one we implemented. That said, I’ve forwarded this to the security team for review. IMO, we should either improve this feature so that it meets more strict password generation requirements, or remove the feature entirely.

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