Security Issues with McAfee Ads

I downed Adobie PDF and McAfee ads came with it. I delete, it comes back. Today I was notified by my credit card that they tried to bill my card. They obviously got access to my data. Please look into this.

Nothing to do with brave browser.

There is malware on your device. You got it yourself.

Download Malwarebytes, scan your device and remove any malware.

You didn’t pay attention to what you were doing and downloaded a package deal. And if it charged you, it means you’ve provided your information to them.

And yeah, lots of people complaining about it. Whenever you install anything on your computer or phone, you really need to slow yourself down and read what permissions it requires, what extras it tries to bring with it, etc. Lots of places have a lot of BS in the fine print and try to include downloads and/or subscriptions to things along with it, hoping people are going to make assumptions and hit the “I agree” button.

The list goes on……

So, it does not look like malware but simple bogus partnership between adobe and McAfee, my bad.

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