Security Issue Update

When is Brave going to come out with a security patch update Google has.

It was for “GOOGLE CHROME”. Not necessary that Brave needs to update as well cause Brave Browser could already have same security or perhaps even better.

This security issue affects brave according to the article OP linked.

This is old news, the update was made available by chromium project on around 2 Sept. Brave was updated itself on Sept 2. with this update

The article OP linked is actually posted 4 days later on Sept 7 for some reason when most of users of chromium browsers like chrome, brave, vivaldi, opera would have updated their browsers as all these browser makers must have issued an update.

Also, brave takes about 12 hours to issue such updates ( I have observed it). Sometimes 7-8 hours. The updates are done quickly from brave’s side. So, no need to worry even about future security issues affecting brave/chromium.

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