Secure the user session

I am really tired of browsers losing my tabs. It have been several times already.

After a crash, maybe because of negligence or maybe because one of those lost tabs could cause the entire browser to crash… browsers only show a popup with the “restore session” option.

I desire this browser to be reliable with the user sessions. For this purpose, the browser should:

  • keep always the session files up to date with the user activity.
  • keep the session files secured, for this, there are ways to keep the files safer from a failure, like both:
    • AOFs (Append Only Files) so instead of updating a file directly, you create new files to store the changes, so later, when you reach certain threshold, you update the original file with all the changes at the same time. (and this update better in a different file, see the next point)
    • and the old create new file versions with a different file and afterwards everything is ok, you replace the old files with the new ones.
  • Replace the “recover session” popup completely with:
    • the session is automatically restored
    • implement a way to manage crashing tabs. For example,
      • detection of “brave crashed” so show at launch, instead of brave, a form to allow you to manage the tabs. If you can detect the failing tabs you could mark them red or ask the user to remove them from the session or whatever. Another option to detect certain tabs problem is to show the maximum memory and local storage consumption of each tab so to detect memory leaking tabs.
      • “safe” brave launching option??
  • and of course, enable the “continue where you left off” by default.

Dunno, you can be creative, implement all or only part of this, but please, remove that lame “recover session” popup that seems too easy to be accidentally closed.

I have recalled that I, yesterday, run avast cleaner and it deleted some browser things to clean up space. While I was using only Brave, and it was running when I clicked on restart, the rest of the browsers still keep their sessions.

now you know the cause of the issue it was not brave it was avast cleaner

But the rest of the browsers were not impacted.

Anyway, I am asking for improvement, this is not a bug report. :slight_smile: