"Secure" (overwriting of deleted data) Deletion of browsing history and such


I find deletion of browsing history and such rather pointless when it isn’t securely deleted as it is still retrievable. So, I suggest the option for secure deletion on exit.

Secure cleaning of browser data

Hi @TheRedSpy,

Is this for desktop? Brave for desktop already have this under about:preferences#security. You can enable it for clear spesific browser data when you quitting Brave.

Hope this can help answer your request.
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Don't save History to begin with

Is that “secure deletion” though? as in it overwrites the data it deletes on exit? @eljuno

and yes for desktop


I think it’s ‘secure’ but will cc @alex for more info about this :slight_smile:


Good to here, is there an ETA on when I’ll hear back by?


Hi @eljuno not to sound rude but I highly doubt it’s secure method because closing the browser is more quicker than opening the browser and if a secure clean were to take place it would probably have to be scripted to clean in particular method (such as the ones below) within a specific time frame after the closure of the browser, which can’t be because in task manager everything seems to close. Not my expert opinion of course but just a perception.

DOD 5220.22-M (3 Passes)

NSA (7 Passes)

(4 Passes) NSA Manual 130-2

(5 Passes) IREC (IRIG) 106

(3 Passes) Canada Comm ITSG-06

(7 Passes Bruce Schneier’s)


@eljuno Any response from @alex yet?

@Numpty yah that would make a lot of sense

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