Secure email functionality of ProtonMail and others


To my understanding to use ProtonMail the browser has to have ‘PRNG’ and unfortunately Brave doesn’t have this otherwise my mail account would work.

I was wondering and I’m sure PM will be willing to collaborate with you in developing this if possible to develop something like for ProtonMail. It would be unique in the sense of a browser speaking directly with a secure email provider so essentially their service becomes predominantly used in Brave because of the collaboration aspect and the fact that similar to a Mega’s crx. file ‘any … URL will be captured by this extension and stay local (no JavaScript will be loaded from our servers). Secure (auto-) updates are provided thanks to cryptographic private key signing.’

I suppose if or when you discuss this with PM you could talk about how it would be possible to strengthen their service with Brave further.

Built-in encryption solution for secure emailing functionality without addons for all email services

@suguru you recently responded to my suggestion relating to Built-in encryption solution for secure emailing functionality without addons for all email services

I was just curious why something considered to be vital considering recent event and more events that continue to unfold can’t be seen as a priority. As stipulated before I’m sure other companies will be willing to help because they’re too struggling to implement for PGP end-to-end as though it is occurring natively within their own systems.

Also a reply to this post would be brilliant. Thanks.


I’m quite sure your suggestions will be considered after 1.0. There are so much other basic stuff that need to be done before that.
Here’s the list of issues whose milestone is 1.0:

The team is working on other things related with privacy-oriented ads, etc. Unfortunately, as the team is fairly small yet, more developers are required to speed up the development.

So does the team :wink:

Thanks for your suggestions anyway, I appreciate that.

Getting Mozillians and Chromians on Board

wow, that’s a formidable pile of issues to address prior to v1.0

In case nobody else has said it recently, please keep up the good work! where the project is presently at is wonderful; with continued efforts at those issues, I have no doubt it will end up being marvelous, if not amazing!


@suguru I know there’s a feature request here which you say will be considered after V1.0 which is a long wait but you could have at least told me that you’ve got the secure email web services working. I’ve been using a separate browser to access my emails.


I wasn’t notified of it but I think they enabled the ‘PRNG’ aspect in the browser because the email service works now.


do you mind letting me know what PRNG is?


Hi @suguru when I first started using ProtonMail they listed this as a feature which needs to be enabled in a browser for their service to function (I’m certain its a backend feature) I think it something related to Java script which generates numbers excessively for securer and efficient functionality (PRNG) pseudo-random number generator.

Anyway when I first posted this topic, the service wasn’t working at all in Brave but it has been for a couple of months now.


Can someone actually notify me as to how reduces its loading times, improve download performance and strengthen security via an extension and why don’t other similar solutions offer a similar solution? (an involuntary play on words there)