Secure cleaning of browser data


Rather than users reporting Brave to PC system cleaner such as PrivaZer and CCleaner as well as others couldn’t Brave contact those companies directly on how to better securely clean residue from the browser and or advise them on it and anything else relating to the browser that you could help them in vice versa.

I understand @Serg was the first to issue this and or help in it so would you mind telling me considering all users can’t easily erase data via third party software end up selecting the ‘Clear the following data types when I close Brave’ for once they’re done browsing. Is it just a simple erasure?

Brave's task bar icon to show private browsing and use RAM predominantly

Are you asking ‘how does clear the browsing data work?’ or ‘what data should be cleared on a regular basis?’


Firstly thanks for reply to the many topics raised, it’s nice to hear back from a friendly face.

Regarding the ‘Clear the following data types when I close Brave’ in Security - Private Data, the point I was trying to make here was data cleaning solutions are optimized by user response, feedback and the companies’ understanding of most used web browsers and such solutions offer secure cleaning methods.
Thus I was trying to understand how the data is cleared because normally when your not using a Private Tab (memory which use the RAM modules predominantly) the data is saved in a designated folder, essentially as history and others but when selecting the types of data to be cleared on exit, how does it clear it because I imagine it isn’t a secure method.


Secure deletion as in overwriting of deleted data? @Numpty


Hi @TheRedSpy essentially yes, because the current method probably just deletes data like the right-click empty recycle bin.



@Numpty I actually made a post a couple of days ago about the same thing

So I too also want to know about this @alex


I assume that function is not implemented on any browser, and I agree that is why it can be worth for Brave to implementing it.

If you are on Windows, it is possible to delete data securly with CCleaner.


Ccleaner doesn’t support brave sadly @suguru

Even if it did, it would not clean the files “deleted” on exit of brave



sorry I meant running “wipe free space” after clearing the data from the browser. best,