Searx not working in Brave


when i first selected Searx as my search engine i got an error searching, after i switched to Bing and then searched, i changed it back and it worked.

unable to replicate, no screen shot because i am an idiot


Hi @lobocigr

Could you provide additional details such as your Brave and OS versions?

Also, steps on how you searched (i.e. did you open a new tab and type in the URL bar, did you navigate to the main page for the search engine, did you highlight text, right click and select search) would be helpful.



Windows 10 ENT 1083 build, i7 6700 3.4GHZ, 32GB ram, 1TB
both typing and right click, it happens sporadically, installed and deleted folder and reinstalled
i used the text “test” got no results, then tried it again it worked, on fiber here at office


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