Searching for "Wizard of Oz" yields "Sorry, that page is missing"!

Why on earth would this be missing?

@Bouncedancer no clue, especially since you aren’t providing any further details. For example, where are you searching for Wizard of Oz? If it was in your address bar, did you accidentally click on a suggested link or something which might not be active?

It’s always good to try to show as much detail you might be having on issues. Things like:

  • URL of website you are experiencing this difficulty

  • Which version of Brave you’re using (not just saying “the latest,” but providing exact number)

  • Which OS? (Not just Windows or Mac, but things like Windows 11, Android 12, Mac Sonoma 14.1, etc

  • Exact descriptions of what you’re looking at or doing. So when you say searching, where are you typing and what are you clicking on? (screenshots of steps where things go wrong are helpful too)

  • Does disabling Shields have any impact?

  • Are you using extensions? If so, likely will have to get you to try in Private window or in a new profile to see if they might be interfering.

That all aside, it just sounds like you pulled up a link that wasn’t active. It might be that a search result appeared and when you clicked on it, the actual source no longer existed. But it’s hard to say because of how things are phrased. We’re stuck making way too many assumptions.

I didn’t pull up an inactive link; there were NO links shown; The Wizard of Oz seemingly doesn’t exist in Brave’s universe. It shouldn’t matter what version of Brave I have (I just updated it BTW); it should come up in any Brave version. I simply put it in the search bar, “Wizard of Oz” or “The Wizard of Oz.” Google brought it up in normal fashion.

Why don’t you try putting it in your Brave search bar? Extensions or OS shouldn’t matter – BTW, my laptop is new, Windows 11, fully updated etc.

Oh, never mind, now it shows up normally. Weird.

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