Searching for new information. I've been hacked by remote access and need help

Remote access hacking I’ve been hacked by remote access. Don’t know where to turn. Need help searching for new information. Don’t know where to go

Hello @Wife1

As I understood, you got hacked in some way, but not related to Brave.

Since this is not a Brave error, this isn’t the right community for further assistance, but I’m glad you posted here to get help, since this is a great community with many active users.

Disconnect from the internet on the attacked device and shut it down. Use another device to search for help. If you can, also disable your Wi-Fi and use your mobile internet.

If the hacked device is from your company or has any sensitive data from your company, contact the IT department that they can temporarily disable your access.

If you have a friend who works in IT/ Security, I suggest that you should contact him, so he can back up your data and reinstall your system. Otherwise, search for a company near your location where you can bring in your device.

Hopefully, none of your data is lost and no data got stolen.
Have a nice day!

No it’s not from my company or from brave but I did know where else to look for help unjust got a brand new Pixel phone an it’s hanning on it it on my mobile phone so I was hoping I could get someone out there to help help me :sob:

The best is if you search for any IT company and contact them with your problem. If they can’t help you, they might know who can.

Have a nice day!

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