Searching an article from keyboard


I tend to prefer the keyboard to the mouse. In other browsers I use when there are multiple hits on a search for a page, I can hit “command-g” to move down to each new hit. I find this method preferable to using the mouse on the arrows at the top of the page. Using “command-g” works in many programs as well.


Command-g/Ctrl-g does find next functionality on Brave as well. Its an out-of-box feature


On my computer, neither command-g or control-g does this. The original find command highlights all of the hits. I would like to be able to then hit command-g and have the page re-locate to the next hit in line. Currently it is not doing that.


@mbabco what version of Brave are you using? You can go to about:brave to find this.

Using 0.23.31 I opened a page, used cmd+f to bring up the Find on Page search, entered a term, and used cmd+g to move onto each next term. If you’re not on this version please update :slight_smile:



That’s the version I’m using – 0.23.31 – the cmmd-f works but I don’t relocate with cmmd-g. This is the case both on a iMac and on a Mac Book Pro.

This feature does work on Safari and other programs so it appears to be not working only in Brave.


I did find something that works.

After doing cmmd-f – hitting the enter key walks through the hits and relocates.

Hopefully they’ll get a Brave Browser Shortcuts up for the Mac soon.