"Searchgoose" malware closed my session (32 windows), only 26 could be restored - please help?!

This just happened a few hours ago:

-Command Prompt appears on my screen, then disappears again (while I’m working on my Opera session - Brave session (32 windows) and Edge session (30 windows) open in the background).

-I find Brave (as well as Edge) closed.

-I re-open it, it offers to “restore the session” - only restores 30 of the 32 windows.

-I also re-open Edge - just 1 window with 1 tab, “searchgoose” in the URL bar - never opened that site, find out it’s a known malware.

-I shut my Asus Laptop down, then Start it again.

Instead of offering to restore the session as usual, Brave just opens with the 1 window 1 tab on “Searchgoose”.

Find the session windows in the “Recently Closed” list (as expected), start restoring them 1 by 1 - however it turns out it contained only 26!!

So now i’ve only got 26 out of 32 previous windows (with loads of tabs on them, all opened long time ago that I’d been working on organizing and saving), and the rest are nowhere to be found!!

Utterly desperate right now - is there any way to

  1. restore the other 6 windows), and
  2. get rid of this Searchgoose malware?

Thanks in advance!!

Version 1.47.186 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

That’s very unfortunate.
However, only you can get rid of the malware running in your machine. Try to close all programs and run a full scan with your anti-virus.

I really hope you can fix it.

Regarding the tabs, Check in the history if you can find them and reopen. Brave (and most browsers) only remember the tabs open last time, unless they are pinned. Thus, the only option is to look for them in the history.

  1. What antivirus is the best for this?

Think my default one is Windows Security i.e. in the Settings.
And does closing all programs include the browsers? (Concerned I might lose more data if I close them now.)

  1. Hm, where in the History?
    The “Recently Closed” section stopped at 26 of the 32 windows;

and the regular History only shows the currently active tabs of the windows that were reloaded yesterday etc.
The vast majority of the tabs in those windows isn’t there.

2a) Is there a way to restore the entire system (or just Brave/Edge?) to, say, yesterday - including the sessions?

Or 2b) Some backup sessions / Recently Closed lists in the files?

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