Searches aren't displaying URL's, just the search string

My searches are displaying only the search spec in the URL line (i.e., after the search has been run).

This was a problem with using, which led to my ceasing to use it as a primary search engine.

However, I’m still finding that it’s happening even with Google as the default search engine.

Is there a setting that I’ve missed that’s causing this?

Also, nothing happens when I click on the BRAVE ‘shield’ icon to the right of the URL box. Isn’t clicking (or double-clicking) on that supposed to open its settings?


Doesn’t someone here have a clue about this?

Without search result URL’s being generated I can’t store them either as bookmarks or via copy-&-paste.

Is there a BRAVE ‘setting’ that could be affecting this?

Can you try and rephrase your issue? I’m not entirely sure I follow exactly what the problem is with your search queries.

What does happen when you click on the icon in the address bar? Is the icon grayed out?

Thanks. Just meant to say that if I search for “xyz”, the URL line won’t convert to the URL that reflects the search results that are then displayed below. It will just display xyz (the search spec).

I can manually right-click into the URL box and choose the ‘option’ to display the URL, but I never had to do that before & would like to not have to do it that way (i.e., individually for every such URL). I just want those search results URL’s to appear in the URL box automatically.

Re the Shields issue, either nothing happens or a small light gray square box (empty) appears below it. Sometimes that small square then expands into a much larger rectangle, also empty.

Seems like both of these may be bugs/issues. One at a time:

  1. I’m still a little confused by this – when you type a search query into Brave, if you have previously visited (or bookmarked) a site that matches all, or some portion of this search string, matching results should be both – auto-completed (and highlighted) in the URL bar and showing all matching results in the drop down box below. Observe my example below:

    As you can see, typing in I into the address bar, the first matched result is auto-completed in the address bar, with remaining results displayed in the drop-down. So I’m still a bit unclear as to what your exact issue is. As usual, a brief screen recording of the behavior in action will work. IIRC, you’re using macOS – the built int Screenshot app will allow you to record screen activity which can then be uploaded.
  2. Re: Shields – That’s definitely not right. Are you updated to the latest release of the browser – 0.66.99 (at the time of writing this)? I would definitely like to see a screenshot of what it looks like when you click the Shields icon while on a site. Additionally, is this the behavior you see regardless of what site you’re on?

I think we’re talking about two different things here.

Put any search spec in the URL line and then hit Enter.
What then displays (normally) is a URL corresponding to the search results.
You could copy-&-paste that URL or bookmark it to preserve those search results (& then, if desired, re-run the same search without having to construct it again).
‘Saved search’ options, when available, do this automatically.

However, for some reason I am now not seeing URL’s in the URL line following the search, only the same search terms I entered before executing the search. I then have to right-click on that string to ‘request’ a URL. Never had to do that before.

Re: Shields

The white areas are the blank boxes that are all that appear when I click on the orange Shields icon. The screenshot doesn’t show them exactly as they actually display: the first one is a ‘square’ box, the second a rectangle (that one shows pretty close to how it appears, it’s just missing the bottom border). The first one morphs into the second one.

The expected behavior (which clearly doesn’t happen) is that clicking on the Shields icon opens the Shields options to show their current status, allow changes, etc.


Just to update the Shields issue, this situation continues, only now nothing at all happens (no white squares or rectangles appear). Clicking on the Shields (regardless of status) just has no effect at all.

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