SearchBaron and Bing/Ask search engine

Do go through the Website that Rethanis sent. It gives you the full information about it.

If you don’t want to Download the app they suggested, I suggest you to install BitDefender since its more well known software and its shown that it detects that virus.

And I too would suggest you to use BitDefender instead of any other Antivirus since it works the best even if you just use the Free Version…

Thank you very muich i’ll tell you if it helps !

Good luck in getting rid of that crap.

Just wanted to ask, do you use Brave Shields in aggressive mode globally (brave://settings/shields) ?

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Thanks for the tips i tell you if it works !

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It seems that I’m on standart mode

If you haven’t set your Brave Shields to aggressive before clearing Site and Shields Settings, I highly recommend doing so now. The exceptional work of @fanboynz and other Brave developers can save you from such headaches in the future.

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thanks hopefully it helps ! For now I still does not work

I have never used MacOS but it looks like that crap is nothing new, you can also take a look at the thread below. You can find many threads where users are given instructions, might take you some time.

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Hello again !

Well I cleaned my mac and so and there’s nothing wrong (according to three different antivirus)
BUT I Found the Solution :slight_smile:

So for anyone who has such problem even using every solution possible, including the malwarebyte solution here is how to perforn:

  • Create a new session like test sessions
  • Go to preference and copy the link of the preferred search engine (I personally use DuckDuckgo but you can take whichever is in the list like google for instance)
  • Go back to your main session and paste the link you just copied in the search engine section (in preferences)
  • Delete all others and select the new one you just copied as preferred search engine
  • Enjoy

Making regular check and cleaning of your pc/mac is always good

Thanks for the help guys :smiley:


Glad you worked it out…

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