Search term results appear as if in a column on the left side of Brave search results window

After entering search terms, the results appear as if in a column on the left side of the window. This happened after I selected “Ask Leo” feature. I disabled the feature but the issue still occurs. Please see the jpeg image to “see” what I’m attempting to describe. I would appreciate your assistance. I’d like the search results to be viewable horizontally across the entire width of the window. Thank you.

@noname2 what you are sharing is a Brave Search result. Brave Search is very simple like that with results just more on the left and a lot of wasted space on the right.

Ask Leo appears in your sidebar. It just seems like whatever you’re searching is being pulled up on Brave Search. Is Brave Search your primary search? Or are you perhaps in a private window, which uses Brave Search by default?

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been using Brave search for quite some time and have not seen this “column” type of display before. Do you have any recommendations on how to be able to view the results across the full window? Thanks!

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