Search suggestions in the address bar

Recently I have been getting search suggestions when I write in the address bar. The suggestions are NOT from my own search history. This must mean that the suggestions come from Google, which in turn means that data is sent to Google. I have Google as default search Engine, but I definitely don’t want to send data to Google when I’m just typing an URL. I have NOT changed any settings. This behavior is completely unacceptable for a browser that claims to be focused on privacy.

Data is never sent to Google.
The suggestions you are seeing are because Google is your default engine — you should see the same or similar suggestions on For example, if I search “quick” in the address bar with Google set as the default engine, I see the following suggestions:

If I then visit and also type in “quick”, I see almost the exact same suggestions:

Additionally, you can turn off these suggestions entirely by going to Settings --> Appearance --> Show autocomplete suggestions in address bar:

I apologize — the information above is actually not entirely accurate. It appears that while any identifying information is removed, the search queries themselves are in fact sent to Google if the following setting is enabled in Settings --> Privacy and Security:

If this setting is disabled — which I believe is the default — then no information is sent.

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