Search shortcut not working on Android (NOT Available for now)

How to repeat: Have Bing as your default engine, try :g for shortcut

Expected result: Search should happen with google

What’s happening: Only Bing search

Brave version: 1.17.75, Beta 1.19.46, Nightly 1.20.13

You have Bing as your default search engine, you can try “ SEARCH”


Brave Settings actually says we can use :g as shortcut for Google search.

I will try.

I have not found reference information, hopefully a moderator will see your case and can give you the necessary keys to carry out your search, for the moment it is time to wait, I am interested in this article since I can learn a little more about it, so I sign up to waiting for the answer with you.

Yes… great… let’s wait… :+1:

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@Mattches can you help?

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Sorry for the late reply. I actually don’t think that these search shortcuts are working right now? I asked the Android team for more information.

Yes that is correct – these shortcuts are not actually functioning right now and are actually being removed in the next update:

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Got it. Thanks.
My suggestion is if possible show all search engines and pick from one if we want to change default search engine for random searches. Thanks.


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